Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Free Lookup Tool for ICD-10 on is committed to providing comprehensive, up-to-date resources on the medical coding industry. As the health care grows and processes evolve, the demand for medical billers and coders will remain strong. We’ve developed these free online courses that cover every aspect of medical coding and billing to help students keep up and remain competitive in the workforce.

It has a compilation of resources including articles that will let students learn everything they need to know about this specialized field. This includes learning about billing and coding, discovering their scholarship options, and knowing what they need to become a certified medical coder or biller.

The directory lets them discover medical billing and coding programs in different schools in each state. This will help them filter the best program/s that will meet their educational and career goals.

One of the most useful tools we have in our resource is that provides prospective and current students with information on the (International Classification of Diseases) ICD-10. We have created a unique lookup tool which you can use on the site or embed it on yours to share with others that are interested. Included is a comprehensive ICD-10 guide which will help you understand the changes that will take place and the issues that are commonly asked about once it is implemented on October 2014.

Using the ICD-10 Lookup Tool, you can explore the depths of the ICD-10 system in just a few clicks! With our tool, you can quickly browse and find the right code for any ICD-10 listed disease. It allows you to browse through more than 16,000 codes and find valuable data including mortality data broken down by disease, age group, and sex.

By Camila Martinez

(Invited Post)

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