Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Making NABH standards implementation simpler in your healthcare facility

From the numerous dialogues that our team had with healthcare administrators wishing to achieve the coveted NABH accreditation for their healthcare facilities, we have made a common observation: No one has a clue about the NABH standards. It’s interesting to note that NABH has just 100 standards with 514 objective elements (these will increase to 636 from July 2012 onwards) or requirements and none of the administrator took the time to train herself or atleast someone from their team on these standards. The lack of awareness on the standards is the biggest contributor to the fear that most administrators have regarding NABH accreditation program.

The fact is that NABH accreditation offers best practices in healthcare in Indian context and any hospital achieving compliance to its standards can be assumed to be offering quality healthcare services to its patients. Any administrator who is interested in establishing strong processes in her facility would love to go through the NABH standards because it is the gold standard of healthcare delivery.

The simplest way to implement NABH standards in your healthcare facility is to create awareness about the standards among your team of managers and staff. Make everyone realize their role in implementing NABH-compliant processes and the benefits to them and the patients from these compliances.

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