Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Accreditation Anonymous: Platform to collaborate for Quality professionals

Hi Healthcare Quality Community!

A friend of mine has taken this initiative to help us to collaborate and discuss issues pertaining to quality aspects in healthcare and accreditation of hospitals. The initiative is in the form of on Online Forum and it is called as Accreditation Anonymous and you can find the forum on this URL: www.accanon.com

The guiding thought behind this forum is to enable and support quality professionals to discuss matter pertaining to quality and accreditation in an environment where you can maintain your anonymity. The platform allows YOU to discuss sensitive matter pertaining to quality without getting named or without referring to a hospital.

This noble attempt, hopefully, will bring in healthcare professionals together to collaborate and collectively search for answers to their questions.

On behalf of my 'Anonymous' friend, I invite you to join this quality initiative.

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