Friday, 13 July 2012

Why Quality professionals do not become CEOs?

Very interesting question posted by Mr. Hoskote, Senior Director, Quality and Performance Excellence at Max India Group. I had the opportunity to explore the ASQ's online resources today and I'm amazed at the work the organization is doing in this field and that such a large network exists today.

I watched Mr. Hoskote's talk on ASQ's Facebook page: and those who do not access facebook, can watch this video on another interesting website from ASQ - Quality for Life...

Now the question is very pertinent to the discipline. Frankly speaking, he's very right that quality professionals miss the woods for the trees. The entire focus on process and its related aspects take them away from the requirements of business. For sure, all functions of the enterprise should align themselves to the basis premise of the enterprise, i.e. to make money for the share/stake holders. Nobody says that quality doesn't result into more money for the enterprise, rather, it generates more value. But the quality guys should be able to themselves see this impact and should be able to convey the same to the decision-makers in the organization.

In one of our client hospitals where we are assisting the management to implement NABH standards, there is a very clear understanding the management has that their hospital has to prepare itself for the needs of the patients of tomorrow and for that, it has to benchmark itself against a quality system like NABH and continuously strive to build their brand based on solid performance. The stronger brand would result into better business and higher margins for the hospital, apart from the goodwill it will create in the community.

I think quality professionals should take this message from Mr. Hoskote seriously and attempt to align their roles with the needs of the business of their respective healthcare organizations.

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