Saturday, 21 July 2012

WHO 5 Moments: Some ideas for NABH Chapter 5 - Hospital Infection Control

While preparing for my training sessions on chapter 5 – Hospital Infection Control, I came across an interesting video on Youtube. The video has been prepared by DebMed Healthcare and covers the WHO ‘5 Moments’. The video focuses on Hand Hygiene and presents the idea in an interesting Rap where you will 5 boys and girls, apparently nurses, dance and enact various situations (5 Moments) where hand hygiene can prevent the spread of infection. Have a look at this short entertaining video!

Notice at 2:15 it is shown that the doctor doesn’t comply with the hand hygiene and the nurse stops him and sends him back to use the sanitizer.

While it may come as a cultural shock to Indian hospitals, the fact is that it is part of NABH compliance too. The latest NABH 3rd edition talks about Infection Prevention and Control. To prevent the infections from spreading, strict hand hygiene is a must. And I think it is a sensible organizational culture to have where each employee can demand compliance from every other employee.

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