Saturday, 28 July 2012

In the support of STANDARDIZATION….

I think I should dedicate today to the concept of standardization. It is purely coincidence that I observed the need for standardization in two different aspects of healthcare today and I am writing on them on the same day itself. The previous mention was on having standardized patient satisfaction surveys across Indian hospitals (to copy the idea from HCAHPS).

I read this blog written by CQI CEO Simon Feary on how consistency can save lives. To read the blog, click here. His blog highlights hundreds of different types of bedside medical charts being used in UK hospitals leading to confusion among physicians and deficiencies in capturing important ‘vital signs’.

I think I second Simon’s demand for a consistent medical chart format that helps physicians to take appropriate decisions about patients’ health and safety. On the same thought, what are the opportunities for standardizing clinical documentation in our country?

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