Sunday, 1 July 2012

NABH 3rd edition presentation (ppt) for training

From today the new revised standards of NABH for hospitals come into effect. This requires the HCOs to gear up for the new requirements posed by the standards and equip themselves to successfully comply with the requirements stated in the NABH 3rd edition for the hospitals.

Training is an integral part of preparation for the accreditation and complying with the standards. With this view, I updated a presentation which is mostly available for download on the internet. The current edition has 102 standards and 636 objective elements. The presentation contains the standards and the objective elements but not their explanation. The trainers can refer to the standards book for the explanation and remarks.

In case you identify any errors in the ppt, kindly bring it to my notice. 

If you can't download the file from Scribd, you can download the file from Google Docs. Refer to the link:

Upon clicking the link, you would reach the Google Docs page. On the menu bar on the top-left, you would find a tab 'File'. When you click the tab, a drop-down will appear with the 'Download' option at its end.

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